Latest Trends to Watch in Microelectronics

Research in the field of microelectronics is changing our lives. It’s making our lives convenient and better in many ways. Here we are going to discuss the latest trends in this field.


Today sustainability is one of the biggest challenges that we are facing. The challenge that we are soon going to face is carbon emissions, and this mainly comes from the energy sector.

The integrated circuit industry has transformed education, agriculture, and other sectors. If electrification can be done in the power sector, then we can obtain sustainability. The analogue and mixed-signal integrated circuits will have an impact on sustainability issues.

5G and 6G

The 5G will be enhanced, and the mobile communication technologies will likely move towards 6G. The commercial service of 5G is already available in different countries around the world.

A lot of research needs to be done in this area, and the researchers are testing 6G in many ways so that they can outperform the services given by 5G. It is expected that 6G will perform better in terms of data rate, coverage, capacity, energy efficiency, and other factors.

The Future of Compute

The digital transformation is still going on. Distributed services are provided by the businesses, and a lot of improvement is expected in the electronics ecosystem. There is strong demand for computing in the network.

The transformation is expected to move from a hardware-centric to a data-centric approach. Businesses are going to adopt new methods to compute.

Artificial Iris Contact Lens

Researchers have come up with the artificial iris contact lens that will combat human eye deficiencies. Using this, a person can see clearly for the whole day without the need to charge the embedded power source. You can charge it using an NFC receiver coil and IC.


Researchers at Princeton University came up with the first wireless multiplexed fluorescence-based bio-molecular sensing system. This is in the form of a pill for GI-track health monitoring applications. There is a silicon chip that integrates the wireless system and the sensor. It fits the FDA-approved capsule size.

These trends are expected in the future, and they can have a positive impact on our lives. The researchers are continuing their efforts to innovate better products to make human lives better.