Upcoming Conferences on Microelectronics

The development of microelectronics every year is worth looking at. The researchers continuously work in this field to make better things and improve our lives. Though you read about any research work or innovations in this field from news or magazines, to learn about them in detail, you need to attend the microelectronic conferences. Here you can discover more about the upcoming conferences on microelectronics.

SmartCard Expo 2021

This event is going to take place in December this year in India. It is a big event in the banking and finance sector. The leading suppliers of SmartCard technologies will gather at the same platform.

They will discuss the present condition of this technology and what the researchers are working on to make this technology even more sophisticated. You will learn about the future smart cards. You can find out here how they operate and how they can benefit users.

Design Automation Conference 2021

This conference will be held online in December. The keynote speakers and presenters will share their knowledge of analogue and digital technologies. It is a big event that focuses on the design and automation of electronic circuits.

In this year’s event, you will know about the technological advancements in electronic design. Researchers, industry experts, and government representatives will participate in this event. Some of the main topics of discussion at this conference will be automotive, IoT, embedded systems, machine learning, AI, and more.

IEDM 2021

The International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) 2021 will be held this December in San Francisco. This is a huge event, and there will be 38 technical sessions.

More than 200 speakers will be participating in the conference. Some of the keynote talks at this event include Global Stutter Quantum Dot Image Sensor, Heater System Optimization, Silicon Photonics, and more.

If you are part of the microelectronics industry, then you must attend these conferences. It will give you a huge opportunity to learn from experts all around the world. You will know about the latest trends in the field and what can be expected in the future.